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hope i am doing this right-need help offer service ,thank you :) [Apr. 3rd, 2005|04:41 pm]
Angel Service


[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Hello My name is Raven I live in highpoint ,NC,206 Rankin place,27265-I have had a hard time lately ,I need help with certain things and need an array of items and offer services like laundry washing for it,and art work for it .

this is my problem :I'm quite ill I have a lung tumor(that is thank god in remission ) and ,bad immune problems ,rheumatoid arthritis and am recovering from a very complicated broken leg . before I got ill and left my ex-fiancee of 3 years and had to move ,my finances at this point are more than meager ,so I need help with the following :I rescued a lot of pets before I got ill with the move and my ill ness ,I need a few things to get settled and a little help till i am better .

I need 8 doghouses for my rescue dog's and material to fix the fence around the house so they can play out side unsupervised .I need dog and cat toys you don't need .

If you live near me and would need help walking and training and playing with the dogs Till I get better .That would be awesome because since i have become sick they do not get the exorcise they are used to .

If you would like to help go shopping because it is hard for me to get anywhere of late and i don't have a car that would be wonderful too .

My offer is : I can wash and dry laundry for you at my house as long as you supply me with the bleach and powder ,Pay would be either dog food or cash or help with shopping ect .

I am an artist if you need a mural or something like that i am who you want ,any Type of work i can do sitting down I can try to do .

,Please help us ,thank you !